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  • 01. How do I use AllQuotes to receive quotations on products/services?

    Simply select the category from the search bar. There is no need to register with us – you get quotes FREE of charge which are sent directly to your inbox! When you select a category, a quote request form will display. Fill in your details with a short message describing what you’re looking for. You must select the correct area where you would like the service or product to be provided when completing the form. Example: If you need a quotation on accommodation in an area other than the area you live in, then you will have to choose the relevant area that you would like accommodation quotes to come from. Click “Request Now” then sit back and wait for quotes from various suppliers to reach you!

    02. What kind of quotes may I request?

    You can request quotes for any product or service that you may require. Just select the relevant category and provide the relevant information.

    03. How soon will I receive the Quotes?

    Within 24 – 48hrs.

    04. Will I receive quotes from reliable/professional companies?

    All of our service providers have been verified by AllQuotes. However, we cannot be held liable for their service provision.

    05. How can I search quickly for a specific product?

    Type the product or service into the search, and select from the suggestions provided.

    06. How do I register my business?

    Go to the List Your Business page and complete the form with your details and our sales team will be in contact to finalize your registration.

    07. Who can I contact if I have a question about requests?

    For any general queries, you can contact our support team on 012 940 8796 or info@allquotes.co.za. For queries related to the quote you have received, you will need to contact the supplier directly.

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    Email your support questions to info@allquotes.co.za