Wedding Organisers – Who and What It Involves

So you’ve recently said Yes to the love of your life. Before you can say I Do, you need to first make your dream wedding come to life.

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. By eliminating the problems of organising a wedding, you’re sure to have one of the best days of your life. Stress is a big factor when trying to plan a wedding on your own.

Lucky for you, there are companies that specialise in exactly this – planning the dream wedding you want. By entrusting your wedding plans to a professional, you can relax in the knowledge that the dream of your perfect wedding will come true.

The complication comes in with choosing what service you want to use and what tasks you’d like to handle on your own. You can choose from three options – all of them being similar yet very different.

The three types of wedding organisers you can choose from are: Wedding Day Coordination, Partial Wedding Planning and Full Wedding Production.

Wedding Day Coordination

A Wedding Day Coordination is a blessing without the disguise. You don’t want to be running around on the day, making sure that everything is in place; the DJ has arrived on time, the food is being prepared or that your wedding attire is with you. Your priority on the day is to look like a queen, relax and enjoy it!

This type of service starts about a month prior to the wedding day. They handle all the final details and tie up any loose ends that might be around. They are also in charge of the rehearsal and the wedding day from start to end, Emergency Kit in hand.

Partial Wedding Planning

This type of service acts as your support system. The service begins right away and the date is secured up to 18 months out (this can vary between companies). You’ll be given a detailed wedding Task List and Budget Sheet, and you will be held accountable for tasks. However, they will assist you set the overall budget, which will help you with monitoring your payments and progress.

Your Lead Wedding Planner will hand-pick all vendor recommendations, based on your wedding style and budget. They will also assist you with setting meetings, reviewing contracts and getting bookings done. In most cases, A Wedding Day Coordinator is included.

Full Wedding Production

With this service, the Wedding Planners ‘hold your hand’ through each and every detail – you simply show up and enjoy. The service begins right away and the date is secured up to 18 months out (this can vary between companies). Creative wedding ideas, design advice and inspiration are all part of this service.

They will update and maintain you wedding Task List and Budget; even send you payment reminders. Along with hand-picked wedding vendor recommendations, they attend each scouting meeting with you and help make each detailed decision throughout the wedding planning process. In most cases, a Wedding Day Coordinator is included.

With the above info still afresh in your thoughts, you can make an informed decision on which type of service would suit your budget and your needs. With the decision made, you can start planning one of the biggest days of your life. While you’re busy with the planning process, remember to enjoy every moment.

(Please note: This is a basic overview of the services given by each of these options. Please consult with the Wedding Organisers you choose on detailed information that is included in their pricing and services.)